Project Description


Mr Sushi

We stand for high-quality sushi and innovation in the field of sushi preparation and meal delivery.

Tel: 020-2376348

Toko Bali

Toko Bali offers a wide range of Indonesian take-away dishes and also sells a small assortment of Indonesian products. The delicious dishes and snacks are freshly prepared daily in our own kitchen. If you have an appetite for tasty Indonesian food, catering for your company or catering at home, please feel free to contact Toko Bali. We also do delivery.

Tel.: 020 363 9672

Thai Ubon

The Thai food specialist in Landsmeer and surrounding area. The Thai chefs of Thai Ubon prepare original Thai dishes with ingredients straight from Thailand. The dishes reflect real Thai cuisine. At Thai Ubon, you can see the open kitchen while you wait and decide what you want or do not want to eat.

Tel.: 020-4826102

Multi IJs

The Multi-IJs ice cream parlour at Nieuwe Gouw 2A makes artisanal ice cream. The owners are specialised in artisanal ice cream and make all their ice cream themselves. They have several modern ice cream machines and the latest techniques to make very high-quality ice cream. They use mainly fresh ingredients and regional products and many products from Italy.


Scarabee is located at Dorpsstraat in Landsmeer. Scarabee is known for its tasty dishes and good service! The spareribs, pizzas and kebab dishes are particularly popular.

Tel.: 020-4822773 / 06 150 000 49

La Mia Donna

La Mia Donna is the right place for good Italian take-aways.

Tel.: 020-4821111

Samurai Sushi

Since 2012, Samurai Sushi consists of a close group of young entrepreneurs and chefs who share their passion for Japanese cuisine. Our young team is convinced that awareness of healthy and fresh foods is no longer a trend, but a lifestyle embraced and incorporated by more and more people.

Tel.: 020-4823068

Bob’s Kipboutique

French fries, snacks, sandwiches, drinks, ice cream and more. For 40 years a household name in Landsmeer. You are welcome to come and eat, take away or have it delivered.

Tel.: 020 482 4602

Snackbar van Beek

Tel.: 020-482 2354

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