Landsmeer, Den Ilp and Purmerland

With the centres of Den Ilp and Purmerland, Landsmeer forms an extensive ribbon district just above the ring road of Amsterdam. The village is surrounded by water-rich and green areas. On one side is the Ilperveld nature reserve and on the other side is the Twiske recreation area.

In Landsmeer, you will pass characteristic buildings and along the ribbon, you will find excellent catering establishments for lunch or drinks in this beautiful Waterland village. Landsmeer is a stone’s throw from Amsterdam, Zaanstad and Purmerend and a fantastic base to discover both the city and nature.

Den Ilp is a ribbon village in the municipality of Landsmeer. The buildings of Den Ilp on the south side merge into the village of Landsmeer and on the north side into Purmerland. The village became known nationally in the 1960s due to the eccentric painter and engraver Anton Heyboer and his brides, who lived in Den Ilp. His brides still live there, Petra Heyboer has an Art Gallery with works by Heyboer across the street from Anton Heyboer’s house.

Purmerland is a ribbon village in the municipality of Landsmeer. It is located just south of Purmerend and north of Den Ilp. Purmerland was once an important place. The man who is central to Rembrandt’s Night Watch is Frans Banninck Cocq. He was one of the mayors of Amsterdam, Lord of Purmerland and Ilpendam. In the Golden Age, these places were the granaries of Amsterdam, because fertile soil was available through draining the peat. Draining made the peat settle significantly until it reached the low water level of the Zuiderzee.

Photo: Ria de Boer

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