Project Description


Speelsloot in Het Twiske

De Speelsloot is one of the seven beautiful and fun beaches in Het Twiske. You will find a real tipi village on the beach. There are two colourful tipis and a beautiful totem pole. Have fun on the climbing tower, take the ferry across the water and have fun in the cable car. And after all that romping and playing, it is time for a nice picnic.

For safety, there are buoys on both ends of the water.

Adventure Playground in Het Twiske

In the adventure playground in Het Twiske, you have ferries, climbing towers, a tunnel fortress, a cable car and much more. Experience the best adventures with other children. Operate the ferry yourself to get to the other side or take the rope or raft bridge. Clamber into the climbing tower or take the cable car. To make things even more exciting, crawl through the tunnel fortress. And that’s not all! Discover the new pirate ship with a treasure chest next to it. You can also go down the slide or swing on the King’s Swing. You can climb on anything and make up your own story.

Next to the adventure playground are meadows, where you can sunbathe, play or kick a ball. There are two large picnic tables in these fields, where you can enjoy your sandwich with your friends.

Jonge Kracht Playground Association

A fun playground in Landsmeer for young children.

Fazantenstraat 41 in Landsmeer

Discover Laag Holland, the backyard of Amsterdam.

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