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Climbing park Twiske

Adventure at great heights
We can tell you about the Twiske, and the nature in which we were given the space to erect our 32 unpointed, peeled clouziana poles of about 15 meters to make seven climbing routes, and about the zipline of 120 meters takes your breath away, but we want you to come and experience it.

Our aim is to challenge everyone, young and old, beginner or advanced, and everything in between. To push boundaries and engage all senses together with our top instructors.

Het Twiske, nature, is our love, and the team welcomes you to experience together what is of course possible.

De Breek Swimming Pool

De Breek swimming pool is a heated outdoor swimming pool in the Sportpark of Landsmeer. A fantastic swimming pool for both children and adults surrounded by greenery. The water is heated and always 23.5 °C.

Tel.: 020-4821677

Bungee Super Fly

This high intensity, full-body workout makes you float weightlessly, dynamically bounce freely in space and have so much fun that you forget how much you are sweating. Dangling from a bungee cord attached to your hips, you can bounce away while tightening just about every muscle. Your inner child will also be happy: dive towards the ground, jump into the air like Superman, or dangle just a few centimetres above the ground like a Mission Impossible spy.

Tel.: 020- 211 11 25

Underwater Park Twiske (diving)

Potti Diving has everything you need for diving in Het Twiske: your own private diving guide, equipment and, if necessary, diving training. Potti Diving has the largest underwater park in the Netherlands; dive past shipwrecks, sea containers, large boulders, and experience cave diving. And of course, the big five: pike, zander, eel, stickleback, gobies.

Ski Indoor Landsmeer

Skiing and snowboarding in Landsmeer. Ski or snowboard downhill, without snow, but without having to queue for the ski lift. It sounds impossible, but it isn’t! We offer the possibility to ski or snowboard on a conveyor belt.

Tel.: 020-694 45 94

Down Under Diving Centre

Down Under Diving Centre has been a PADI diving centre for 25 years, offering almost all PADI courses. Would you like to give diving a go? Every first Tuesday of the month, you can go to Down Under for a PADI introduction dive in the pool. Down Under is also the right place for experienced divers. Come along and meet the Down Under instruction team or join an outdoor dive.

Tel.: 020-4826806

Archery Club Handboogschutterij Pijlsnel

The Archery Club Handboogschutterij Pijlsnel was founded in 1983 and has about 100 members. It is a thriving association with good competition results. Every year, archers of the association take home great prizes at Dutch Championships or field matches. Besides archery, you can also have fun at Pijlsnel. On Thursday evenings, there is a belote card club and on Monday evenings, a group of longbow archers and a bridge club. Your first visit? Drop by on a Thursday, you will get all the help you need.

Tel.: 020-482 5682

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Stal de Vries

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Discover Laag Holland, the backyard of Amsterdam.

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